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Access to 120+ violin lessons
Personal support/send-in videos
Access to live sessions, private community
7 days free trial


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Access to 120+ violin lessons
Personal support/send-in videos
Access to live sessions, private community
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Access to 120+ violin lessons
Personal support/send-in videos
Access to live sessions, private community
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More than 150 videos lessons - worth $7000

This is just like a “NetFlix” of violin lessons! Videos are added each week.

Personal send in video coaching from me
Send in your video playing to get personal feedback

Join private group of adult learners

Get motivational from other adult learners and play together

Weekly Live videos

Available on Phone, Tablet & PC

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Free music sheet for pratising - worth $200

Free music accompaniment - more than $200 Value

Free One-on-One Lessons
Occasional one-on-one lessons to troubleshoot pain areas.

Monthly Practice Plan

Your chance to join Rimma Strings Academy

What are members saying?

As an adult learner, choosing an instructor was quite a challenge. Rimma has proven to be a refreshing and wise choice. She has brought a new dimension to my play; improving my technique, which has ultimately led to an improved intonation and overall playing. I can’t overstate her teaching methods.



Fun and engaging lessons! I have now been playing for about 4 months. Rimma has made it so much fun and I am amazed at how much I enjoy both my lessons and practising. Best investment I have ever made”



I have learnt soooo much from Rimma’s lessons! I’ve had my violin for less than 5 months and I have such a firm foundation and core understanding of the principles and techniques I need. I was unsure how easy it would be to pick up such a new instrument in my 50s. .  I am really pleased with my progress after a few weeks. It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to revisiting many of the lessons since I get to keep them FOREVER!! You RAWK!”



More Testimonials

I like the simple steps of the course. For someone of my age (77) who has never played the violin before, it is important to start at the very beginning. I enjoy the tutor’s calm way and her excellent knowledge. It’s just the old fingers finding it difficult, but we’ll get there…eventually! Thank you for this delightful opportunity.



 I was self-taught for the past year and a half, I had a lot of doubts and questions so I decided to acquire this course. It helped me a lot, from my posture to make sure the positions I was making were correct or not. Definitely, I learned a lot of basics I didn´t know. Now I am in the pieces unit and I´m learning a lot. Would Recommend. Thanks, Rimma for being a very nice and clear teacher



Everything is explained clearly. I wish I had found her years ago. It would have saved a lot of frustration. Thank you!




Certainly! The Academy takes you through every stage of learning the violin, starting with the first time you pick up a violin. In fact, this is the ideal time for you to enrol in the Academy because, in addition to receiving training that will guide you through every step, you’ll also have access to Rimma’s criticism and the counsel of other students as you navigate your journey.

No, all of this is already covered by your Academy membership. You will receive personalised comments on the videos you play as well as free access to all of Rimma’s live classes.

You’ll be able to dive right into our Learning System, which is an essential learning path that will walk you through everything you need to know to play the violin beautifully. Explanation videos, play-alongs, workbooks, practise plans, worksheets, and everything else you need to learn are all included in our learning system. You’ll also be able to send your videos to Rimma for individual feedback and practise tips, as well as participate in our weekly group classes.

We adhere to our commitments. After signing up, if you discover that you aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we will immediately refund your money (no questions asked).

Not at all. Anytime, for any reason, you can deactivate your account. You will have access up until the end of the billing cycle if you cancel before it ends.

 It totally depends on you. You can progress through our learning system as slowly or quickly as you’d like, and it’s available 24/7. The subsequent group classes and feedback sessions with Rimma are optional; you are under no obligation to attend. You may simply fit your classes into your weekly routine thanks to the program’s flexibility.

Absolutely! Some of our members already have a violin teacher but still benefit greatly from this academy. Your violin teacher is probably only available for about an hour per week, whereas our academy is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our encouraging community, communal practice sessions, and additional feedback will help you stay motivated to practise during the week and be as prepared as possible for your private lessons!