Free Online Violin Lessons for beginners

Online Violin Videos For Beginners

Table of Contents
    Secrets to playing beautiful pizzicato on the violin

    You will learn four tips on how to improve your pizzicato playing on the violin.

    Holding your violin correctly

    It is very important for beginner violinists, to learn the correct way of holding the violin. This video will show you exactly how.

    5 Helpful tips to help you improve playing with the pinky finger.

    We all know that it could be a pain to use the pinky finger. After watching this video and implementing these tips, you will realize that it gets easier playing the violin with the pinky finger.

    How to play Marmotte by Beethoven(Beginners)

    This video will show you how to play La Marmotte by Beethoven.

    Download the Free sheet music and instrumentals Here

    Elbow Weight | Violin Bowing technique

    In this video you will learn about elbow weight, a technique that will help you to bow well. This technique is vital and fundamental.

    Violin Bow Anatomy

    Learn what makes a bow. Learn how to unscrew the head part of the bow in this video.

    4 quick tips | changing violin strings

    You can encounter some problems when changing strings on the violin. These tips will come in handy when you want to change the strings of your violin.


    As a beginner, you will probably sound like a sqeauky cat but that is okay! This video will teach you the correct bow hair tension in other to produce great sound in your violin.

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